The Voice Karaoke Machine Review


The Voice Karaoke Machine

Available in either black and white, the voice karaoke machine can be used for any occasion for it is small as well as unobtrusive. As a portable karaoke player, weighing less than ten pounds, this machine is suitable even for small kids.

Given its small and light weight design and low power output, this machine is not suitable for big outside parties where the sound is supposed to reach a large audience or where professional top quality sound is required. This makes this model karaoke suitable only for small party gatherings, holiday get togethers and family times out.

A good karaoke device for kids should be portable, easy to use and have the ability to use batteries where electric power is unavailable.

The fact that every child loves playing, dancing and singing makes a karaoke gift to them be one of the things that will make your children’s lives enjoyable. The variety of colors that come with the voice karaoke machine is one of the key features that make it stand out for both boys and girls. The product dimensions are 7.4 x 4.1 x 8.1 and weighs 3 pounds only.

However as you will see further below, we were not all that impressed with this particular model. Other model karaoke machines such as this one is probably a better choice however.


Basic Product Features of the Voice Karaoke Machine

– Can be connected to iPods, iPads, iPhone and the CDs.

– Has a mic provided

– Lets you enjoy the feeling of being on a stage through use of the lights.

– Easy-to-use operation with a dual jack input for a second microphone doubling the fun of listening and singing along to your favorite music with a friend.

– Free downloadable “The Voice On-Stage” app lets you unlock free songs as you sing. This is an add-on feature, a big plus to the device.

– Includes karaoke system, music CD, stand, AUX 3.5″ cable microphone and user manual

– Has a one-year warranty


This voice-karaoke-machine comes with a microphone. There is an input slot for a second microphone which is purchased separately. This makes it possible for kids to play at the same time and/or sing duet. The microphone is wired by a two feet long cable to allow a singer to move around and has an on/off button.


The voice-karaoke-machine comes in with in-built speakers. You don’t need to purchase separate speakers for your use.

Monitor / Display – TV hook up

The voice karaoke has a 5” black and white built in screen ensuring that kids can watch lyrics as they listen to the music so that they can sing along.


Other features of the voice karaoke system

– Although the machine can use an AC adapter, it also works with batteries to enhance portability.

– Versatile voice and sound controls for clarity in music and performance.

– Comes with a video camera for personal video capturing.

– Very kid friendly since it does not have complicated settings.



– Very kid friendly since it does not have complicated settings.

– Automatic Voice Control.


– Only comes with a single microphone.

– Not a very powerful machine.

– The sound can be a bit muffled when connected to an ipod.

– It doesn’t display the lyrics on the screen very well.


Our Verdict

This is a simple karaoke that has a number of flaws. One of the weakest karaoke machines that we have tested. The price of this particular machine isn’t too expensive but to be honest nor should it be. We were highly disappointed with this model and the user feedback has also been very negative. As a result we find it hard to recommend the Voice karaoke machine to anyone.

If you are in the market for a karaoke machine, we highly recommend you take a look at this karaoke machine for kids.

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