The VocoPro UHF5800 Professional Karaoke Review


VocoPro UHF5800 Professional 4 Ch

Karaoke fans can now experience a truly professional karaoke experience with the help of the VocoPro UHF5800 Professional. The company behind the production of this system is VocoPro. By using highly advanced technology, VocoPro has managed to create a high quality product with features that most karaoke enthusiasts look for in a player.

The VocoPro UHF5800 operates on a wireless microphone system and therefore provides karaoke fans with total freedom while performing. It comes with four microphones which operate on individual UHF channels. This helps to provide users with optimum vocal options without experiencing any form of frequency interruption. Some of the features present in this specific model include:

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Features of the VocoPro UHF5800 Professional

1. Microphones

– It comes with a package consisting of 4 wireless microphones.

– The wireless system provides a user with more freedom while performing as they can move about.

– Each mic has independent volume controls which help to provide accurate vocal balancing.

– It also consists of 4 microphone output jacks.

2. Battery

– The microphones make use of a battery capable of running up to 12 hours straight.

– Users will therefore be able to enjoy an entire night party filled with entertainment.

– It has been designed to consume less power when operating making it quite versatile and reliable.

3. Replaceable field modules

– This can be detached easily without making use of any tools or even interfering with the functionality of the existing channels.

Comparison with other Professional Karaoke Machines

The mentioned features have largely contributed to the overall effectiveness and high performance capability of this player. Other than the VocoPro UHF5800 karaoke player, there are numerous other models that karaoke fans can choose from. It is therefore necessary to find out as much information as you can on different models in order to select the most suitable one when making a purchase. One way to go about doing this is by comparing different models.

Like other products, different karaoke players have varying pros and cons. The same applies for the VocoPro UHF5800 Professional 4 Channel. Being aware of this information before making any purchase is quite important as it will help you know what to expect from different karaoke players as you make your final choice. Seen below are some of the Pros and Cons of the VocoPro UHF5800 karaoke machine.


– Excellent sound projection.

– Reasonably priced for its quality.

– Can be used by up to 4 people at once with multiple microphone inputs.


– The antennas are mainly for cosmetic purposes since the reception does not change regardless of the direction they face.


As a karaoke fan who loves going out in order to get entertained by singing along to your most loved songs or even listen to your close friends as they exercise their vocals, times have now changed since you can enjoy this entertainment from the comfort of your home. You can do so by making use of the available professional karaoke machines such as the VocoPro UHF5800 Professional.

As stated above the features present in this karaoke player include 4 wireless microphones with 4 output jacks. AA batteries with a running time of up to 12 hours and replaceable field modules. It includes other features which have contributed to its high performance capability leading to its popularity with karaoke fans.

The customer feedback that we have received has been very positive, and although it is definitely on the more expensive side of the spectrum, it is a truly professional karaoke machine. If you are looking for something that could also be easily used in a bar, then the VocoPro UHF5800 Professional is probably the best machine on the market.

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