The VocoPro Karaoke Machine DVD-Duet Review


 VocoPro -DVD-Duet-Karaoke

With a variety of karaoke systems such as the VocoPro DVD-Duet, karaoke fans now have the opportunity to play discs in different formats thereby giving you a wide variety of choice as you sing along to your favorite tunes. This karaoke machine is capable of showcasing a slide show consisting of JPEG photos.

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Due to the availability of various disc formats, the need for a multi-format karaoke system is inevitable. The company behind the manufacture of the mentioned system is VocoPro.

They included a high quality top loading DVD drive which is shock resistant. This means that other than being used in the home, it can also be used in moving vehicles without sustaining any damage. As seen below, it has numerous features which make it suitable for karaoke fans with different skill levels.

Features of the VocoPro Karaoke Machine DVD-Duet

1. Multi-format player

– It supports MP3/photo CD/DVD/CD/ as well as CD-RW and CD-R formatted discs.

– It enables a user play a wide variety of discs in different formats.

– It therefore provides a user with a wide variety of choice.

2. Digital key control

– This feature will enable a user change or modify the key of the existing background music from different discs in order to allow it match your natural voice range.

– This is achieved without any changes being done on the tempo.

– It will therefore help enrich your voice and make you sound more like a professional.

3. Graphic equalizer

– It consists of a five band equalizer which works in fine tuning and controlling the existing tone in order to make it blend well with individual tastes.

– It also allows for tape playback with varying speeds, enabling you perform at your desired pace.

4. Four way speakers

– These provide high quality stereo sound.

– The sound projection is excellent making it suitable for a good number of karaoke parties.

– Have a peak power output of 40+40Watts.

5. Dual microphones

– It consists of dual microphone inputs with individual volume controls.

– Karaoke fans will therefore be able to enjoy perfectly mixed duet performances.

– Each microphone consists of good quality digital echo which helps to customize your sound by introducing various sound effects.

6. Twin cassette deck

– It allows a user to conveniently record or dub their performance from different decks.

– This can be done through cassettes, disc player, and AM or FM tuner. This is applicable to any stereo system.

– This recording and playback is done on live performances.

Comparison between other Karaoke machines

Other than the mentioned features, the VocoPro karaoke machine also consists of out-put jacks that come in quite handy as they connect this machine to an external system for improved sound quality. As you compare this karaoke system with various other models such as the Memorex portable karaoke, you will notice a few differences.

To begin with the VocoPro DVD-Duet features a twin cassette deck which helps to record or dub your performances from one deck to another. This feature is not present in the Memorex portable karaoke. These two models also differ in their design with the VocoPro karaoke being much larger while the Memorex has a more compact design and also features a handle making it highly portable.

In as much as both of these models have an in-built stereo system, the Memorex karaoke player has a two way speaker while the VocoPro has a more powerful four way speaker system. Comparing different karaoke models is quite important as it will enable you make an informed choice when purchasing thereby allow you select the most suitable machine.

Both the VocoPro DVD-Duet and the Memorex karaoke player have dual microphone jacks. However, the VocoPro machine comes with a package consisting of two microphones while the Memorex player only comes with one microphone. This will require a user to spend extra money to purchase an additional microphone in order to enjoy more interactive performances through duets.

There are also a number of other professional karaoke machines that can be compared to the VocoPro Karaoke DVD-Duet, and if you are in the market of choosing something a bit more sophisticated, we urge you to check out some of these professional karaoke systems.

Other than comparing different models in order to gauge their suitability, it is also important to be aware of their pros and cons. This will help you gauge the performance capability of a particular karaoke player. Seen below are some of the pros and cons of the VocoPro DVD-Duet.


– Excellent sound quality.

– Numerous features which help enhance performance.

– Highly user friendly with a beautiful design.

– Of good quality making it highly durable.


– Rather costly.

– Poor warranty.

– The CD player is rather unreliable.

Our View of the VocoPro DVD-Duet

Karaoke fans can now comfortably entertain themselves together with their friends and family while at home or at private function by using different karaoke machines such as the VocoPro DVD-Duet karaoke machine. The features present in this system such as the graphic equalizer and four way speakers have made it quite popular with karaoke enthusiasts.

This particular model fits in with some of the more sophisticated professional model karaoke machines that are on the market today. The feedback that we have received from this particular karaoke system has been relatively positive, with most critics claiming that the sound quality produced is exceptional, however the primary draw back was the ease of use, with a relatively steep learning curve.

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