The Singing Machine stvg-1009 Karaoke Review



For that extended karaoke experience, the Singing Machine stvg-1009 might be a good option. This particular model is one of the latest productions from the Singing Machine company, Inc. It will give you entertainment and fun as you sing along to your favorite tunes and also enable you to listen to your voice through the speaker system.

The Singing Machine stvg-1009 provides a lively experience and has been designed like a professional system with good quality audio. This karaoke system features a monitor measuring 7 inches and which provides a clear view of the scrolling lyrics.

It is capable of playing regular CDs as well as CDG. It has also got dual tower speakers for good sound projection with excellent sound quality.

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Features of the Singing Machine stvg-1009:

1. Display of lyrics on a television screen.– The lyrics together with the tempo of a song can be seen on a TV screen when using a CDG screen.

2. Automatic voice control.– This feature allows you to replace the voice of the original singer with yours.- This can be done when playing any multiplex or recorded disks.

3. Equilibrium control.- This enables you to fine-tune the balance between the music and the pre recorded voice of the original singer.- This helps to make your overall performance more interesting and lively.

4. Echo control.– Makes it possible to include an echo for purposes of enriching your voice and create a concert effect.

5. Master volume fine-tuning.– Allows you to adjust the volume clockwise or anti-clockwise until you maintain the desired volume.

6. Karaoke vision.– Consist of camera lens used to project your image on the TV or monitor of the Singing Machine stvg-1009.

7. In-built speakers.– Allows you to share your music amongst friends and family.

8. FM/AM radio.– This allows for users to sing along to any music playing on any tuned in station.

9. Two microphones.– Improves on the entertainment since it allows for duet. This also helps to make the entire experience more interactive.

The twin tower speakers on this karaoke machine are free standing. This helps to give the user a complete karaoke experience. When compared to other models, the stvg-1009 comes with 2 microphones as opposed to one as well as a PA system.

Other than having the ability to play both regular CDs and CDG, this particular model also has an AM/FM radio (as outlined in the features above). This gives you the opportunity to sing along a wide variety of songs unlike other models that come with lesser options.

When compared to other karaoke system models, the stvg-1009 singing machine has sizeable stand-alone twin speakers that help in sound projection. This is different from a good number of other models that only have base speakers with limited sound projection.

As you get to know more about the Singing Machine stvg-1009, it is also important to be aware of its Pros and Cons. This will help you know its capabilities as well as its down falls.


– Quite easy to set-up.

– Tower speakers have helped to significantly improve on sound projection.

– Excellent sound quality.

– Wide screen monitor used to clearly display the lyrics.

– In-built video camera.

– Highly durable.

– Reasonably priced.


– The design is rather bulky and is therefore not highly portable.

– The FM tuner is analog and therefore fails to pick up and lock on to the weaker radio stations.

– One of the microphones is wireless while the other one is corded. The latter tends to limit the movement of a user.


Our Verdict

With the availability of the Singing Machine stvg-1009, karaoke has become a good way for friends and family to entertain themselves right at the comfort of their own homes. Good sound quality, video display and twin microphones are just a few of the numerous features present in this particular model.

Despite its exceptional performance, the size and design of this particular model has proven to be a hindrance when it comes to the portability factor. Therefore, if you are planning to move around with it then a compact designed model would be more suitable.

When all is said and done, a good karaoke machine is only as good as its features and functionality. From its features the stvg-1009 karaoke machine would therefore be considered as being of good quality.

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