The Singing Machine SMG-901 Karaoke System Review


 Singing machine SMG-901 karaoke machine

Karaoke fans often desire to achieve a professional sound each time they perform. This is best achieved by selecting and making use of a suitable karaoke player. One such example is the Singing machine SMG-901 karaoke system.

The company behind the manufacture of this product is the Singing machine. They are known for the production of high quality karaoke players.

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Features of the Singing machine SMG-901 Karaoke System

Different karaoke players will differ in their level of performance and capabilities. This is largely linked to the type of features present in each player. When looking for the most suitable player, it is important for karaoke fans to compare the features of different players before before settling on a particular machine.

Below are some of the features of the Singing machine SMG901 karaoke system.

1. Monitor

– Includes a 5.5 inch monitor through which the lyrics to a song are displayed when performing.

– It is a sizeable screen which provides an easy view to a user.

2. Microphone jacks

– It consists of two microphone jacks.

-This allows for the use of two microphones simultaneously thereby allowing users enhance their level of entertainment       by involving your friends and family.

– Two microphones enable you come up with duets or sing offs.

– Each jack has individual volume controls for ease of use.

3. Speaker system

– In-built back speaker for enhanced sound projection with an excellent sound quality.

4. Digital key control

– This feature makes it possible for a user to effectively adjust the key to the background music from varying discs in order to synchronize it with your voice range.

– These changes take place without interfering with the tempo of the song being played.

– It will enhance your voice have you sound more professional.

5. Auxiliary jack

– This can be used to connect various things from iPods to different instruments.

– By including a guitar or keyboard as an accompaniment, you will have a more outstanding performance, sound more professional as you keep your audience entertained.

6. Echo and balance controls

– By introducing different sounds through echo controls, you will be able to customize your performances by creating different sound effects.

– The balance controls come in quite handy as it enables you control the balance between the music and the already recorded singer’s voice.

How does the SMG-901 Karaoke System compare with others?

From the features presented, it is clear to see that the mentioned karaoke machine can provide karaoke fans with a wholesome experience. This specific model also consists of an audio and video output which are used to either connect to an external home speaker system for sound enhancement or to a television for the purposes of using the screen to display the lyrics.

Different karaoke models differ in one way or another. It is from these differences that a user gets to know the suitability of a player in relation to their individual needs or requirements. This is clear to see when comparing the Singing machine SMG-901 karaoke system with the less professional looking Monster High portable karaoke.

To begin with, the latter has been fitted with a screen measuring 5 inches which is a bit smaller than that of the Singing machine SMG901 karaoke player which has a monitor measuring 5.5 inches.

When it comes to the design of either of these karaoke models, the Singing machine SMG-901 CD/CD+G karaoke player has been designed to cater for different individuals with different skill levels while that of the Monster high portable karaoke is mainly suited for young girls. This is also evident through the color it is available in, which is pink.

However, when it comes to portability the Monster high system is highly portable due to its compact design while the Singing Machine SMG-901 player is less portable due to its large size.

You can find comparisons with other karaoke machines by viewing our interactive chart at this page or more information at our homepage.

Like most other karaoke systems, the SMG-901 Karaoke System has its pros and cons. Some of these include;


– Highly durable.

– Excellent sound quality.

– Fairly priced.

– Numerous features with good performance capability.


– The design is not quite appealing.

– The microphones are known to fade in and out.

– Has a bulky design making it less portable.


Our Verdict

Making use of the right kind of karaoke player will help to greatly enhance your performance and give you value for your money. A good example of one of the available karaoke models is the Singing machine SMG-901 karaoke machine.

The feedback that we have received has been relatively positive, and for the price, it is certainly great value when compared to some of the other similar priced systems.

With some of its features which include; twin microphone jacks, sizeable monitor, speaker system and digital key control, karaoke fans can now achieve the professional sound they so desire.

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