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The market is flooded with numerous karaoke brands. A good example of such is the Singing Machine Inc. This company first started its operations in California in the year 1982. It mainly deals in design, production and distribution of an entire line of consumer based karaoke systems, musical accessories, instruments, music and youth electronics. Throughout its existence, Singing Machine Inc. has managed to capture the imaginations of many and turn them into reality through their products.

As a company, they are believed to be among the first to produce karaoke machines for home use. They have produced a wide variety of products which have kept consumers longing for more. Some of their most recent products from their different models have been produced with highly advanced technology which includes Bluetooth. They also produce karaoke machines which are compatible with audio streaming of songs and karaoke music from both Android and iOS devices.

Comparison to other brands

This particular brand of karaoke equipment has surpassed the expectations of many karaoke enthusiasts due to the fact that the company has managed to come up with innovative ideas which have taken karaoke to a different level.

When compared to other brands which manufacture different levels of machines, Singing Machine Inc. mainly concentrates on producing karaoke devices for home use. When you compare the quality of this brand to other brands with similar ratings, you will realize that the prices of models under the Singing Machine brand name are quite affordable.

The difference between most other brands of karaoke machines and the Singing Machine can clearly be seen in the fact that the latter produces all rounded machines or better defined as being all-in-one. This means that the main components such as amplifier and speakers are in-built and you therefore get everything from a particular device when it comes to function and not necessarily have to depend on external accessories for optimum performance.

Unlike some other brands whose designs are not so catchy, Singing Machine has included some interesting features into their products in order to help heighten the party mood of karaoke enthusiasts each time they switch on their machines. A good example of this is the in-built discotheque light system installed in some of their products.

There are a number of ways through which one can find out how well a product is doing in the market. A good example would be reputation which goes hand in hand with the quality of a product. Word of mouth plays a big role in how any product does in the market. Consumers will always be drawn towards functional and quality brands hence the reason why the Singing Machine reviews are very good, giving it an excellent reputation in the market.

Karaoke models by Singing Machine Karaoke Inc:

These are just a few of the available Singing Machine karaoke models:


1. The STVG-1009

– In built speakers

– In built video-camera

– Reasonably priced


2. The SMG303BKSMG303BK

– Plays discs in different formats.

– Comes with a single microphone but has 2 jacks.

– In-built speaker with echo control.


3.  The SML283BKSML283BK

– In-built speakers with a microphone and two jacks.

– Fitted with discotheque jacks.

– RCA output used to connect to a TV for lyric display.


4. The SML329BKSML329BK

– Comes with a single wired microphone.

– Dual microphone jacks.

– Balance and echo control for voice enhancement.


5. The SML383BKSML383BK

– Features an Automatic Voice Control.

– Operated using eight ”8” batteries.

– Comes with a demo disc with 5 additional songs.


6. The SML505SML505

– Aux input for MP3 player or iPod.

– Dual microphone jacks suitable for duets.


Pros and Cons of the Singing Machine Karaoke brand

– The company came up with unique futuristic designs for the Singing Machine brand.

– The use of advanced technology by Singing Machine Inc. has led to the production of a highly functional brand.

– Singing Machine Inc. is always coming up with innovative ways to improve the brand for better customer satisfaction.

– Singing Machine Inc. is believed to be the pioneer in the production of karaoke machines for home use. This tends to keep them far ahead of other companies and brands when it comes to expertise and understanding.


– Changing the CD’s on any Singing Machine brand takes up a good amount of time since their machines are usually rather slow when it comes to loading and recognizing the data.

– This brand only comes with 4 songs on each CD and you will therefore be required to spend more money to purchase new CD’s.


Conclusion: How Good is the Singing Machine Karaoke System?

Karaoke is all about fun and excitment. Getting the right brand will help to enhance your experience. There are numerous superior karaoke brands available and Singing Machine is one of them.

The various karaoke models available under this brand are quite affordable with a price ranging between $20 and $ 150 depending on the model. With such prices, you no longer have a reason to use sub-standard brands.

If you would like to read our reviews for models manufactured by the Singing Machine Inc, or other brands please check out our interactive comparison table to help you find the best karaoke machine for you!



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