The Singing Machine iSM1028Xa Karaoke Review


Singing Machine iSM1028Xa Karaoke Machine

Karaoke fans no longer have to go out in order to enjoy themselves while singing along to their most loved tunes. This can now be done while at home through the availability of various karaoke players suitable for home use. A good example of such is the Singing machine iSM1028Xa karaoke machine.

As a manufacturer of the mentioned model, Singing Machine is known for the production of high quality karaoke players.

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Features of the Singing Machine iSM1028xa Karaoke Machine

The unique features and quality of the Singing machine iSM1028Xa has made it a favorite among a good number of karaoke enthusiasts. You will not only get to enjoy some entertaining moments as you sing along to your most loved tunes but also sound like a professional. This has been made possible through some of its features as seen below.

1. LCD monitor

– It is a colored 7 inch monitor with an LCD screen.

– It is on this screen that the lyrics to a song are displayed.

– The size coupled with the colored screen helps project clear and visible wordings.

2. Echo controls

– It makes it possible for a user to introduce different sound aspects into their performance and not only enhance but also make their performance more interesting.

– It also helps to make you sound more professional.

3. FM radio

– It enables a user tune into their channel of choice and sing along to the songs being played on air.

– This is a good source through which a user can easily access a wide variety of songs.

4. Double microphone jacks

– It allows for the use of up to two microphones simultaneously.

– This will help make the performance more entertaining as you include your friends and family in your performances through sing-offs or duets.

– The available jacks consist of individual volume controls thereby making them more manageable.

5. Digital key controls

– It helps a user adjust the key of any background music from a number of discs in order to enable it blend well with your standard voice range.

– These changes do not affect the speed of the song.

– The modifications will help enrich your performance and make you sound more professional.

Comparison with other Karaoke Machines:

The features present in the Singing machine iSM1028Xa makes it quite easy to operate. Other than the already mentioned features, this particular model can also be connected to an iPod thereby making it possible for you to play different songs present in your library.

Other than the Singing Machine iSM1028Xa, there are various other karaoke models available in the market and they all differ in one way or the other. This is quite evident when comparing the Singing machine with a different model such as the VocoPro DVD-Duet karaoke player. The latter features a twin cassette deck which enables a user to record and dub live performances from different decks. This feature is not present in the iSM1028Xa karaoke machine.

Another notable difference between these two models includes the fact that the Singing machine although has twin microphone jacks only includes a single microphone in its packaging.  The VocoPro DVD-Duet on the other hand comes with two microphones.

When it comes to the display monitor, the Singing machine iSM1028Xa consists of an LDC screen measuring 7 inches used for displaying the lyrics to any song. This is not present in the VocoPro model. This machine therefore has to be connected to a television and use its screen as the monitor.

Like most other products available in the market, karaoke machines such as this one come with various pros and cons. It is therefore necessary to weigh up the strengths and weaknesses of the karaoke player. This will help you gauge the effectiveness of this machine and its suitability in relation to your needs.

You can find comparisons to other karaoke models by viewing our interactive chart here or find out more on other professional karaoke machines.


– Numerous significant features.

– Quite easy to operate.

– Excellent sound quality.

– Reasonably priced for its quality.


– The player is only formatted to play CD+G discs.

– Does not include a 3.5mm jack.

Our Verdict of the iSM1028Xa Karaoke Machine

Karaoke is increasingly becoming a popular past time for a good number of people. This has led to the introduction of numerous karaoke models into the market. One such model is the Singing machine iSM1028Xa. Some of the features present in this karaoke player as mentioned in depth above include: FM radio, echo controls and LCD monitor to mention just but a few have contributed to the effectiveness of this player.

It will give you the opportunity to perform like a professional as you entertain your friends and family within the comfort of your home. This model will also enable you to enhance the overall entertainment value as you connect the Singing machine to an iPod dock.

The iSM1028Xa is a very popular karaoke machine, and the feedback from previous buyers has been positive. The price of the system is also very acceptable, thus making this particular model one we would recommend to any real karaoke enthusiast.

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