The Monster High Portable Karaoke Review



With the Monster High Portable Karaoke, you will be able to bring out the Pop star in you as you sing along to your favorite songs. As the company behind the production of this particular model, Sakar International made use of advanced technology making it highly functional.

The Monster High Karaoke machine has a compact design making it highly portable. You will be able to carry it around together with the microphone and enjoy some fun packed moments while on the go. This model features an in-built speaker system with a single corded microphone. It can be defined as an all in one since it has an in-built black and white 5 inch screen used for displaying the lyrics.

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The features of any karaoke machine speak volumes when it comes to its overall performance level and function. As a karaoke fan, it is important to look through a number of machines before deciding on which one to go for.

Features of the Monster High Portable Karaoke machine.

1. CD-G player

– This is a standard format karaoke disc which enables you to see scrolling lyrics of a song while playing your music.

– It is a front loading player and therefore highly accessible when it comes to inserting and removal of discs.


2. 5 inch screen

– Black and white screen diagonally measuring 5 inches. This is a good size for easy viewing.

– It is on this screen that the scrolling lyrics to a song are displayed while performing.


3. 20 Track programming

– This is an excellent feature and contributes to the overall quality of a CD player.

– This feature makes it possible for a user to create a personal playlist and for this particular model the CD player fitted allows for a maximum of 20 pre-programmed tracks.


4. Echo and balance controller

– This feature enables you to introduce some new effects when singing for purposes of enhancing your vocals.


5. In-built speaker system

– Good sound quality and projection is an important feature of any karaoke machine and which is directly linked to the quality of the in-built speaker system.


6. Microphone jacks

– This model has two microphone inputs. Even though the package includes a single microphone, you can always purchase an additional one for a more interactive performance.


7. Audio and video output plus input

– The audio feature enables you to connect your karaoke machine to an entertainment system while the video output allows you to connect your device to a TV for purposes of using the screen to display your lyrics.

From the above mentioned features, it is quite evident that this model has numerous functions and good performance capabilities. It is also important to note its Auto voice controller feature which automatically allows the machine to fill in any blanks with the pre-recorded vocals each time your singing fades away.

As you look through different karaoke models, you will realize that they not only differ in their design but their features as well. A good example can be seen when the Monster high karaoke machine is compared to the Oncore wireless karaoke system. Both of these models are packaged with a single microphone but the difference between these two microphones is clear since Monster high has a cabled microphone while Oncore has a wireless microphone.

Another clear comparison between these two karaoke models includes the fact that Monster High has an in-built 5 inch black and white screen and whose main function is lyric display. This feature is not present in Oncore Wireless Karaoke.

Like most other products, a karaoke model such as Monster High has its strengths and weaknesses. As a karaoke enthusiast this will let you know what to expect from a particular karaoke machine and whether or not it suits your needs. Below are Pros and Cons of Monster High Karaoke machine.


– Highly user friendly.

– Has a very attractive design and quite colorful.

– It is light in weight and therefore highly portable.

-In-built speakers with excellent sound projection.

– Great machine for kids.

– Twin microphone support.



– Perhaps not quite as durable as other karaoke machines.

– Entire machine is made out of plastic.


Our Verdict of the Monster High Karaoke Machine

For the money, is this particular karaoke machine worth it?

In short to answer this question, Yes. You could hardly call this model expensive, and for what it provides, it it far more than just adequate, especially for younger kids that are excited to go out and sing the tunes of their favorite singers.

With the Monster High Portable karaoke machine, you will be able to nurture your kids talent while enjoying some good family entertainment. This machine features a 5 inch monitor, built-in speaker system and track programming to mention just but a few.

The overall customer ratings for this model has also been relatively positive which would indicate that most customers have been happy to buy this model.

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