The MicroKY Duostar Portable Wireless Karaoke Review


MicroKY Duostar Portable Wireless KaraokeThe MicroKY Duostar Portable Wireless Karaoke is a product that contains songs which help people most especially children make their own songs.

The beauty of this product is that it comes wireless and it can be enjoyed in the comfort of your very own home.

This karaoke comes with a whacking 5,000 songs and all you have to do to enjoy the songs that come with this product is to plug it into either your HDMI input television or your RCA input television. The songs can be of any language – the English language, the Korean language and so on.

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Features of the MicroKY Duostar Portable Wireless Karaoke

The following are some of the major features of this product:

1. One of its main features is the fact that it is designed as a wireless karaoke product.

2. Another feature is that it has a lot of songs being recorded inside it. The songs can be of any language which is usually to the choosing of the manufacturer. The songs can also be pop songs, R&B songs, Rock songs, Mixtures of songs and so on.

3. It also has the scoring feature being real time. This scoring system is displayed on the screen while the song is being played or sung.

4. It has different multimedia play modes as it can be played on your MP3, JPEG and MPEG which are saved on your USB flash drive.

5. It has another feature of being able to play back and to record on your flash drive as an MP3 and this it does without any need of a conversion.

6. The last but not the least of the feature that will be mentioned here is the feature of having onscreen lyrics, videos or photos or you can make the video and photos yours through the use of your videos and photos that are saved on your flash drive.

Further Details
MicroKY Duostar Portable Wireless Karaoke 2

This product is made by the South Korean company known as Kumyoung Company. This product is manufactured for the sole of purpose of fun and entertainment as it allows you the opportunity of listening to the kind of music that you love for endless hours without any kind of interruption.

This product can be used to record songs as you have the privilege of singing along with the music with microphones that can be attached to it and while you are doing this, you get to record the song and this indeed makes you a musician of your own.

You are also able to fix your own videos and photos to the song that you just recorded and this helps you to have your very first album as a musician.


  • According to research, this product is portable and wireless hence it can be carried anywhere and it can also be used wherever you wish to use it.
  • Another of its benefit according to the manufacturer is the fact that it can be used to make your own songs, it can be saved in a USB flash drive and you can use your very own videos and photos which you stored in your USB flash drive to make your own album.
  • According to the manufacturer it can be played with many multimedia like the MP3, the JPEG and the MPEG because it has a lot of multimedia mode.
  • The last but not the least of the benefit that will be mentioned here is the fact that according to research it is easy to use as it can be played with any television that has a RCA input device.


  • The main con of the product is that it can get damaged quite easily as a result of the fact that it is not sturdy.


A customer loved the product but felt uninspired as the product seems to be designed mostly for children because his children loved it although he said it was fun.

Another customer states that she loves it as it is easy to make use of, it contains a lot of songs including latest songs and so the family had fun listening to it.

Final Verdict

Although this is one of the more expensive karaoke machines on the market, you certainly get what you pay for. This product ranks as one of the best in its category and the vast majority of customer reviews have been very positive. If you are thinking of purchasing this machine, we recommend that you look at Amazon, as this was the cheapest place we could find selling this product. As it stands they currently have this item on sale with a $100 discount and free shipping.

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