The Memorex Portable Karaoke Machine Review


Memorex Portable Karaoke

Out of the different forms of entertainment within the home, karaoke is quickly becoming quite popular. This has been made possible with the memorex portable karaoke machine. It is a product manufactured by Memorex, a company known for high quality productions.

It is highly portable and features a CD+G,CD+RW and CD drive with a programmable memory. The sound quality is excellent due to the in-built stereo. It is a good choice of machine for entertaining your family and friends. The memorex karaoke machine has numerous features which have largely contributed to its high performance capability and quality.

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Features of the Memorex Portable Karaoke Machine

1.Microphone inputs

– Has dual microphone inputs.

– Packaged with one microphone.

2. In-built stereo

– This helps for better sound projection.

– The stereo is of high quality and therefore produces great quality audio for a portable device.

3. CDG compatible.

– Standard format for numerous karaoke machines.

– Is fitted with an additional chip which makes it possible for the track graphics found on a CDG to be read.

– This player consists of an echo and key controller and microphone plug in ports.

4. Video/audio output

– This feature enables you to connect your machine to a TV, sound system or amplifier for more power and enhanced performance. This is inclusive of RC cords.

5. Voice and echo controls.

– Echo controls allows you to introduce different sound effects to your mix thereby enhancing your performance.

– It also helps to make the singing richer.

– Voice controls functions with multiplex recordings.

– It comes in quite handy during a practice session as it automatically removes the vocals the moment you begin to sing. When you stop singing the multiplex recording vocals are mechanically activated.

6. Carrying handle.

– It features an in-built handle for convenience as it enables you carry the machine from one place to another thereby making it highly portable.

7. Power option

– It is has dual power options since it allows the use of 8c batteries.


How does the Memorex portable karaoke compare to other machines

Other than the mentioned features, the memorex karaoke machine has various unique aspects. This includes the fact that it has a CD programmable memory. Other than memorex, there are various other karaoke machines available and is therefore necessary to do a comparison in order to make the most suitable choice.

When compared to the Azusa MIK0115 karaoke machine which comes with 2 microphones, memorex only has one microphone included in the package. Another comparison between these two machines includes the fact that memorex is fitted with a handle used to conveniently carry it around while Azusa MIK0115 does not have a handle.

Another comparison between these two machines includes the fact that the memorex karaoke comes with an in-built stereo which helps to produce a more powerful sound with better projection. The Azusa MIK0115 on the other hand does not include an in-built stereo feature.

Comparison between these two machines includes the fact that the memorex karaoke has two power options since it can function with 8c batteries while Azusa does not have a battery option.

You can compare other similar karaoke machines by viewing our interactive comparison table on our homepage for further details.

Like all other products or karaoke machines, the memorex portable karaoke has its strengths and weaknesses. Being aware of this information is quite important as it will help you know whether this particular machine is suitable for you according to your needs and expectations. It will also enable you better understand your karaoke player. Seen below are pros and cons of the memorex portable machine.


– Fitted with a handle therefore highly portable.

– Has dual power options and can therefore be used while on the go.

– Features an in-built stereo with high quality audio for performance enhancement.

– Has dual microphone output and therefore give a more interactive performance.

– It is quite easy to use and is therefore suitable for both professionals and amateurs.

– The video and audio outputs enable you to connect the machine to a home theater or TV for enhanced performance.

– It is very well priced.



– Comes with a single microphone which inhibits interactive performances.

– The power cords on the microphone are not fixed and therefore can occasionally fall out when performing. This also inhibits your movement.

Our Verdict

The Memorex portable karaoke machine is one of the numerous karaoke machines available. Its suitability clearly presents itself through its numerous features. With the presence of the AVC, echo and key control, as well as the multi-formatted drive, you will be able to achieve that rich sound quality that most karaoke fans dream of.

This particular karaoke machine is also very well priced and is extremely suitable for anyone that is on a budget. The value for money for this particular machine cannot be underestimated. Previous customers that have purchased the Memorex portable karaoke machine have also given it good reviews.

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