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Memorex, one of the leading karaoke brands is a company which was founded in 1961 at the Silicon Valley. Its favorable reputation has come about as a result of its consistency when it comes to the production of quality audio and video products.

The type of karaoke machines available under the Memorex brand are quite unique and set aside from other brands due to their features and performance. Their products are mainly classified as stand-alone, making them highly portable and easy to use. They also have outputs which allow you to connect to an MP3 player or tablet. This connection enables you to sing along to your favorite tunes available in your custom playlist. Memorex brand models also allow you to enhance your performance by making use of one of its unique features which allows you to connect to a number of instruments through the available input.

Comparison to other brands

When compared to a good number of other brands available in the market, Memorex karaoke models can best be defined as all-in-one. This is because it comes with a microphone, fitted with a stereo speaker, voice control and instrument input. This will provide you with everything required for a complete karaoke experience.

A karaoke brand is only as good as its audio or sound quality. Memorex karaoke brand has managed to stand out when compared to other brands due to the fact that it features in-built automatic voice controls which help to significantly amplify your vocals for purposes of achieving a good balance between your voice and the music.

The in-built 5-watt stereo speakers is another feature present in the Memorex brand but not in a good number of other karaoke brands in the market. This will allow you to deliver a crisp and powerful audio performance. These speakers are fitted within the base of the Sing-stand with a unique design which allows them to project sound in all directions.

The level of consumer satisfaction in relation to a particular brand is largely dependent on its features and capabilities. This is the main reason why a large number of karaoke enthusiasts prefer using Memorex brand karaoke models. This has given this brand a good reputation and is clearly evident through the numerous positive customer reviews.

Memorex Karaoke Machine Models

1. Memorex MKS-SS2Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

– The stand has been re-designed to firmly hold and connect available media devices.

– Extra microphone jack.

– Improved voice controls.

2. Memorex MKS5620

– Has been fitted with a CD+G as well as a tape player.

– 5.5 inch monitor used to display lyrics.

– Automatic voice controller for sound enhancement.

3. Memorex Portable karaoke machine

– Has a compact design and fitted with a handlebar making it highly portable.

– Dual microphone inputs and comes with a single microphone.

– Fitted with stereo speakers for quality sound.

4. Memorex MKS2420NBL

– It has both balance and echo control for voice enhancement and additional sound effects.

– Capable of playing CD+G formatted discs.

– Comes with an in-built speaker.

5. Memorex MKS5622

– Has been fitted with a cassette and CD+G player.

– Black and white lyric display monitor.

– Comes with 2 microphone inputs and 2 microphones.

6. Memorex MKS8590

– 2 microphone inputs suitable for duets.

– Video and audio outputs used to connect to an entertainment system or TV.

– Musical instrument input jack. This will help to enhance your performance when you include a guitar or keyboard.

7. Memorex MKS-SS1

– In-built Automatic voice control which functions as a vocal guide.Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

– Comes with an instrument input jack. You can connect a keyboard and create a karaoke band for additional entertainment.

– 2 powerful 4W speakers contained within the base of the Sing-Stand.

– Comes with clips for proper cable management. This will help prevent any accidents as a result of hanging cables.

Pros and Cons of The Memorex Karaoke brand


– Memorex has managed to make use of quality material and unique designs for products under this brand. This gives them anexpensive look and highly user-friendly.

– By making use of the latest technology, Memorex has managed to improve the features of their products hence the reason why this brand is highly functional.

– Memorex brand has managed to come up with a wide variety of karaoke products and of different price ranges. This has helped to cater to the needs of a wide variety of karaoke fans.

– As a brand, Memorex has managed to come up with energy efficient karaoke products. A good example can be seen in them using energy efficient disco mirror balls.


– The design of the iPad stand is not functional and requires re-designing.

– In as much as it can be connected to an iPad, Memorex did not come up with an app therefore one has to go through You Tube in order to search for the karaoke version of a specific song. This has been a concern for many parents who are therefore constantly supervising their children as they search the net.

Conclusion: How good is the Memorex Karaoke Machine?

The Memorex Karaoke brand has unique designed models which are easy to use for adults and kids alike. Their products will allow you to enjoy some good and exciting times.

The different karaoke models under this brand are quite affordable. Their prices range between $10 and $200. With such prices and features, Memorex has managed to cater to the needs of different consumers.

If you would like to find out more and see comparisons between different models of the Memorex brand and others, then please check out our comparison table at our homepage.

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