Magic Sing ET15K Portable Digital Karaoke With 1,945 Built in Songs Review


The Magic Sing ET15K Portable Digital Karaoke is a great tool for not only casual karaoke singers but also karaoke enthusiasts. The karaoke system is well designed, durable, affordable and above all very easy to use. The system is also very portable as it comes with just a microphone and the main receiving station.

The system is designed with a rich sound quality and performance and regardless of your skill level, you will be able to use it with so much ease. The full package includes a leather carrying case, the main karaoke wired microphone, a MIC stand, an AC adaptor, a song list with a binder, a USB cable, a USB installation cable and a user manual.

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  1. Includes a total of 1,945 built in songs
  2. A three level scoring system
  3. Adjustments for volume, echo, tempo and microphone.
  4. Expansion slots for 4 song chips
  5. Voice change and 9 true color background themes.

Our Review

The Magic Sing ET15K Portable Digital Karaoke system is one of the best karaoke systems we have come across. First and foremost, it only consists of a Microphone and the receiving system making it more portable than most of the other karaoke systems on the market. The price of roughly $160 is fair enough for a karaoke system. The adjustable microphone level is also a plus for the ET15K and the fact that the tempo, echo and volume can also be adjusted is a good thing.

The system also comes with 1,945 built in songs which are a plus for the system. The only drawback is that the modern music lover and listener would not be familiar with most of the songs on the list. The bulk of the songs are outdated classics from yesteryears which is way out of the taste of most modern music lovers.

The process of setting up the system is relatively easy and takes just a couple of minutes and anyone who follows the manual can set it up. All it takes is plugging the cable into the jack on the TV or stereo and plugging the corresponding video cable into the jack on the TV.

The sound output and performance of the system is marvelous and it brings out quality sounds. However, we noticed a slight delay between the singer’s voice and the voice blazing out of the speakers. This though has a way around it as you will be able to correct it by setting off all presets and manually re setting components of your entertainment system like the equalizer, surround sound and the equalizer until you get the right settings.

The system also uses song chips instead of CDs which were typical of previous karaoke systems. This makes the ET15K more convenient as you will no longer have to carry with you dozens of discs which have to be frequently changed. Besides, the system has the ability to accommodate up to 4 chips at a time which is enough music for even the most demanding karaoke fan.

The system also includes a fun game mode where you can gather some of your friends and hold a karaoke competition, with three major skill levels being available namely beginner, amateur and pro levels. The system also comes with 9 video background themes which in reality is a large number. However, unlike on the ET19K, these themes cannot be substituted with your own personal themes.


  1. Rich sound and high performance of the microphones
  2. No need to move around with discsMagic Sing ET15K Portable Digital Karaoke 2
  3. Can record up to 180 minutes of performances
  4. Portable and easy to use


  1. Outdated song catalog
  2. Inability to substitute themes with personal themes


Most customers who have used the ET15K have enjoyed the experience of using the device. Most have been amazed by the sound quality and the performance levels of the ET15K. This is what some customers had to say about the ET15K ON Amazon.

Peperskip calls it “a very good product and likes the fact that it can be connected to the TV”. D Man notes that “the product works just as described”.

Final Verdict

The Magic Sing ET15K Digital Portable Karaoke system is one of the best karaoke systems on the market and the price, sound quality and high performance levels all combine to make it a great product for karaoke fans. If you believe this is the machine for you or a friend as a gift, we recommend that you look at Amazon, as this was the cheapest place online selling this product. They currently have a 25% discount for this item which is great!

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