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The Voice Karaoke Machine Review

  Available in either black and white, the voice karaoke machine can be used for any occasion for it is small as well as unobtrusive. As a portable karaoke player, weighing less than ten pounds, this machine is suitable even for small kids. Given its small and

iLive Karaoke Machine Review

  Karaoke machines are popular in many homes today. However, most people find them very expensive to buy and maintain. With the innovations witnessed in the world today, efforts to make machines smaller and more effective have realized so many positive results. The karaoke machine is one

The Hannah Montana Karaoke Machine

  Karaoke has made it possible for parents to nurture their kids talents while at the same time enjoy some fantastic musical moments. There are various karaoke machines available with a good example being the Hannah Montana Karaoke machine. The company behind the production of this karaoke

The GPX J100S Karaoke Machine Review

  Karaoke is slowly becoming a favorite past time for a large number of people. Different quality karaoke devices such as the GPX J100S Karaoke machine, has made it possible for karaoke enthusiasts to enjoy their experience with their loved ones while hosting different parties. As a

The Karaoke USA GQ367 Review

  The Karaoke USA GQ367 is a highly portable CD+G player. It is quite easy to operate for children as well as adults and features a CD+G top loading driver. The device is fitted with a player cradle and comes with a karaoke disc loaded with 30

The Karaoke USA GF829 Review

   The Karaoke USA GF829 has an appealing design and is popular among karaoke fans. The screen is colored and allows for easy viewing and reading even from a distance. Apart from the MPG3 disc that it comes with and loaded with about 300 songs, this karaoke