Kids Karaoke Machine – Which One is the Best?

Karaoke for kids There are a number of karaoke machines specially made for kids. These machines can provide exciting moments for young ones and is the perfect kind of gift. A large number of gift ideas for kids are mostly items that they abandon quite quickly. However with a kids karaoke machine, the chances are they will grow up using it for a good number of years.

All you have to do is simply update the playlist catalogue and off they go. These machines are not only suitable for kids but teenagers as well. Therefore by choosing the best kids karaoke machine, you will be purchasing a gift that will entertain your kids for a long time to come.


Kids karaoke machines offer numerous benefits to children. Apart from being a source of fun in the home, karaoke machines offer an exceptional imaginative platform through which children are able to fantasize in a productive and healthy way.

A karaoke player is an excellent option for channelling excessive energy and confidence building in children. Another benefit includes the fact that these devices act as excellent learning tools especially for much younger children. They teach different skills such as singing, listening comprehension and reading.

Size and Portability

When selecting a kid’s karaoke machine, size should always be given priority. Larger sized machines produce a more superior sound and have more songs in their libraries with numerous feature sets. However, the larger a unit is, the more difficult it is to move around even for grown-ups. The movement of such a player is usually limited to a particular room.

Devices which are considered as being portable are usually quite light in weight and can therefore be moved easily from one room to another. Therefore, it would be better off for you to select a portable karaoke player and then with time you can upgrade to more sophisticated models after discussing it with the rest of the family.

Most kids karaoke machines however are portable. Check out our interactive comparison guide for all types of karaoke machines.

Top 5 Rated Karaoke Machines for Kids

1. Hello Kitty karaoke playerHello-Kitty-68109-CD-Karaoke-Machine

Its reliability and excellent performance capability has come about as a result of its varying features. It is well priced and a good family investment for the young karaoke fans who are just beginning to familiarize themselves with karaoke. Another reason why it is highly rated is due to its exceptional colorful design, features and quality sound. -> Read the full review here.



2. Barbie karaoke machine  barbie karaoke machine

It has a compact design with professional features. It has managed to keep kids fully entertained while at home. It is quite affordable with a good expansion ability and pocket friendly for the parents and can therefore make a good choice for a kids gift. These are some of the facts that have drawn kids towards this machine.



3. VTech learning tunesVTech learning tunes

Great for teenagers and children who want to learn and perfect their talent. It is quite affordable and offers a good performance with excellent quality. It is also quite easy to operate, making it a remarkable kids home karaoke player.




4. Monster High karaoke machineMONSTER HIGH PORTABLE KARAOKE

It has managed to meet kids requirements within a domestic setting. It is quite reliable and of excellent quality. It has good effects and features which make it user friendly. It is portable and can therefore be carried along by kids from one room to another within the house. Certainly a favourite for many kids. -> Full details here.




5. Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn Learning DJFisher-Price Fun-2-Learn Learning DJ

This kids karaoke model has numerous features all contained within its compact framed design. This player has always managed to create feelings of excitement within children as they sing along to their favorite rhymes. Its colorful and beautiful design has made it a favorite among young girls.

Features Present in Karaoke Machines for Kids

In as much as kids karaoke machines are different to one another, they have some similar general components found in each of them. These components include:

1. Disc player

– Multi-formatted disc players usually support CD+G and karaoke VCDs and DVDs.

– Consist of mic input points with separate controls.

– Video output from disc player connects to a TV.

2. Amplifier and mixer

– Offer control over balance, treble and general sound.

– Some amplifiers come with an in-built power mixer.

– The mixer aids in mixing various sources then output them to a single stereo pair where the music is emitted.

3. Stereo speakers

– This can either be in-built or standalone.

– Help to enhance the performance of a karaoke system with good sound projection.

4. Microphones

– This can either be wired or wireless.

– A wireless microphone connects via wireless signals while the wired one is plugged directly to a system.

5. Lyric display

– This can either be an in-built or external monitor.

– Many users prefer using a color TV and use the screen to display the lyrics.

You can find out more on various karaoke machines by visiting our homepage.

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