The Karaoke USA GQ367 Review


Karaoke USA GQ367

The Karaoke USA GQ367 is a highly portable CD+G player. It is quite easy to operate for children as well as adults and features a CD+G top loading driver. The device is fitted with a player cradle and comes with a karaoke disc loaded with 30 songs. This gives you variety with an excellent music selection.

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Features of the Karaoke USA GQ367

1. Top-loading drive

– This type of CD+G drive makes operating this device quite easy due to the fact that it makes the player more accessible.

2. Private player cradle

– Quite useful as it provides storage for various devices such as iPod.

– It is also used to hold an iPod into place and in an upright position for better viewing when in use.

3. Video/audio outputs

– Through these outputs, a karaoke machine can be connected to a TV with the screen functioning as the monitor for purposes of displaying the lyrics with an improved karaoke experience.

– The audio output which is normally operated at the back of the player can be connected to an entertainment system for sound enhancement.

4. AUX input

– This feature is used to connect an iPod or MP3 player and makes it possible for you to listen to the music stored in your iPod.

– This is achieved by choosing AUX, a feature present in a player function knob.

5. Balance control

– It works by effectively amplifying the music.

– This feature works in conjunction with echo and key control for purposes of enhancing the quality of music produced.

6. RCA cables

– These cables have three different colors which include red, white and yellow.

– Each of these colors has a different function. Yellow is used to donate video, red audio right and white audio left.

– The RCA cables are connected to a TV to have the screen act as the monitor for lyric display or to an amplifier for sound enhancement.

7. USB charger

– This helps in providing easy charging by connecting to various electrical devices such as laptop or a PC.

All these features make this particular device capable of performing its function in an exceptional manner. Karaoke enthusiasts often look for devices that will give them good service and a full karaoke experience.

Apart from the already mentioned karaoke features, this karaoke model also has dual microphone input points through which microphones can be connected. This connection will enable you to even come up with a karaoke band for a more interactive performance. However included in this package is a single wired microphone. So although it comes with multiple inputs, you will need to purchase extra microphones separately.

As already stated, this karaoke machine is highly portable. This not only comes as a result of its compact design but also due to an additional battery option which makes it more versatile. The batteries used are 8 ”C” but have to be purchased separately.


– Quite easy to use and even connect to a TV.

– Highly portable.

– Provides two power options. These include the use of batteries and is also chargeable by using a USB charger.

– Its design includes a top-loading positioned drive which is quite accessible when it comes to inserting and removing discs.


– The 30 songs available in the discs are not entertaining.


Our Verdict

As a highly functional karaoke model, the Karaoke USA gq367 has features which enable karaoke fans achieve far more than they had hoped for. With its top-loading drive and balance control, your music will sound quite professional.

Sound quality and ease of use are just a few factors that contribute to a good karaoke machine. Therefore take your time and look through different karaoke models before making your choice.

The price of this particular model is also very competitive and is in fact one of best priced models on the market. Discounts can also be found by purchasing online.

The customer testimonials have also been relatively positive. So if you are leaning on the fence with regards to choosing this could be a good option. Perfect for a gift .

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