The Karaoke USA GF829 Review


 karaoke usa gf829

The Karaoke USA GF829 has an appealing design and is popular among karaoke fans. The screen is colored and allows for easy viewing and reading even from a distance. Apart from the MPG3 disc that it comes with and loaded with about 300 songs, this karaoke machine is capable of playing any ordinary karaoke CDG, DVD and DVD movies.

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The strength and capability of any karaoke device will most likely be determined by its features. A good machine will therefore have excellent features and function as expected.

Features of The Karaoke USA GF829

1. Screen

– Measuring 7 inches. The size of the screen makes reading easy even from a distance away.

– Colored TFT screen. This has a sharper display and causes less strain on the eye.

2. Record function

– Allows you to record your voice on an SD card as you sing.

– The recording is done in MP3 format which you can either play back or even carry it in order to entertain others.

– You can also mix your recorded music and improve the sound quality.

3. Outputs

– Has both video and audio outputs.

– This can be used to connect your device to a big screen TV for better viewing or to a home entertainment system for better sound.

4. Player cradle

– It comes with a personal in-built player cradle which accommodates your MP3 player while charging.

– It holds your screen in a vertical position for better viewing.

5. MP3G songs

– It comes with 2 discs loaded with 300 songs.

– This comes with graphics or song lyrics which are presented on a display.

6. Aux input
– It is used to connect iPods and MP3 players.

7. Balance controls

– This function helps to significantly amplify your music.

– It normally works hand in hand with digital echo and key control. The latter is used to regulate the key to any song while the introduction of an echo helps to make the singer have a richer and fuller sound while hiding imperfections.

8. Microphones

– It comes with two microphones and microphone inputs.

9. SD card port

– The SD card is inserted in this slot and is where your recorded voice and songs are stored in MP3 format.

Other than the mentioned features, there is so much more to be said about this machine. The key control also known as key changer is digital and works exceptionally when it comes to adjusting and giving your song an entirely different key.

It also has audio outputs which can be connected to an amplifier for more power. It is through these outputs that you can add secondary equipment such as effect mixers or CD burners for purposes of recording or mixing.

The gf829 is very similar to the Emerson gf827 model and not only for the obvious external look of the machine. It too also has a 7 inch color screen, however the gf829 is a little bit cheaper.

In order to rate the effectiveness or capability of any karaoke model, there are various things one has to look for. Other than the already mentioned features of the Karaoke USA GF829, it is also important to find out its Pros and Cons.


– Light weight and user friendly.

– Two microphones for more entertainment.

– Charging options for iPod and MP3 player.

– 7 inch colored TFT screen for sharper image display.

– Quite affordable.

– Has in-built speakers for better sound quality.

– Capable of playing different formats.


– When in use it produces a rather irritating buzzing sound.

– The exterior has an inexpensive look.

– Does not come with adequate information regarding service and warranty.


Our Verdict

Generally speaking, the Karaoke GF829 manufactured by Karaoke USA is a great pick for karaoke enthusiasts. With all its numerous features, perhaps the most outstanding aspect of this device is the fact that it is light weight but looks rather robust.

This particular model is also better priced than the very similar gf827 by Emerson. A whopping 20% cheaper in most online retail stores. It is extremely popular and most people who have purchased this particular model have been left very satisfied.

Hence it’s rare that we recommend certain machines as well as this one, as we tend to be as objective as possible, however it’s only fair to call a spade a spade. And in this case the Karaoke USA gf829 is certainly great value.

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