iLive Karaoke Machine Review


Ilive Cdg Karaoke System with Apple iPod iPhone Dock IJP382B

Karaoke machines are popular in many homes today. However, most people find them very expensive to buy and maintain. With the innovations witnessed in the world today, efforts to make machines smaller and more effective have realized so many positive results.

The karaoke machine is one of these beneficiaries of innovation as it has smaller variants now, some with an approximate weight of 6.6 pounds, for instance the iLive karaoke machine. Manufactured by iLive Brand Electronics, a brand of Digital Products International (DPI, Inc), the iLive is one of the most competitive in the market. This machine comes with iPod(R) Photo and also iPod(R) Video while docked, a battery powered remote control and docking brackets for most iPods models.

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Features of the iLive Karaoke Machine

Has a built-in 5 inch black and white monitor

Karaoke machines are fun to play with, as singing is often one of the best activities to engage in. They are especially fun when you have friends and you want to see who know the lyrics of that hit song better. This monitor is essential in displaying the various lyrics of the songs you are singing, making the whole singing experience even better. The monitor displays CD+G graphics alongside the lyrics to help you sing along. Providing easy to read instructions is the 2-digit red LED display.

Has automatic echo, voice and balance control

The balance controls are invaluable in your singing experience as they allow you to effectively control your sound so as the voice can seamlessly blend with the music.

Master and microphone volume controls

The singer volume makes it possible for one to turn down the projected sound level of the singing on an iPad, regular CD or any other audio input while else there are volume controls to allow you adjust the microphone volume.

Multicolor LED lights

There is also an additional touch of quality and a feeling of a great stage performance to your singing through the spectacular visual effects of the iLive IJB383B karaoke machine.

Built-in speaker

The built-in speaker, although it is just one and therefore there is no stereo output, offers high quality detailed audio.

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Further Details of the iLive Karaoke Machine

Bluetooth 2.0 technology

The ability to support Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and successfully pair with a compatible device and wirelessly stream music is a very important feature that makes this karaoke machine a competitive one. Users are able to see pairing results indicated by an LED indicator and can play music from a distance of ten meters.

Has two microphone inputs

In case you feel like performing a duet with your friends, this karaoke machine has a slot for an extra wheel. However, you will have to purchase the additional microphone as it is not included in the original purchase of the machine.

Karaoke player

Comes with ability to play CD-R/RW, CD and CD+G. It also has composite video output and RCA stereo audio outputs that offers you flexibility in connection options. The ability to connect with the TV offers the user a bigger screen for the lyrics.

Play/pause and other buttons such as the skip forward/back.

All these buttons plus the additional features of playing programmable songs gives you more control over your music.



– It has a screen through which you can view the lyrics

– The iLive IJB383B offers you easy-to-read information

– The additional microphone port is a great deal as it allows you to sing duets

– The ability to transform your performance into both a sound and light spectacle is astounding.



– The iLive lacks iPod charging capabilities

– Lack of stereo is also a big limitation for a machine that can run on AC power

– The mic comes through the audio out meaning it can only be heard through the iLive itself, quite a disadvantage.


Our Verdict

The iLive karaoke machine lacks some features that some customers term as “key” but its competitive price, portability and a great use for kids make it a very good investment from your part. Unfortunately the machine lacks some of the most important features of a karaoke machine. The mic coming through the audio out is such a disappointment to many users.

As a result we were not terribly impressed with the iLive Karaoke Machine. The best thing about this machine is probably the price, which is probably the result of the lack of functionality and sophistication. If you are in the market of buying a karaoke machine, we strongly advise you to consider other models such as the GF829 or the Singstand 2. Otherwise if you have a slightly larger budget, the ET19K Magic Sing is one that should be strongly considered.

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