The Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine Review



As far as karaoke fun is concerned, you can enjoy some great moments with the Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine. The system is manufactured by Sanrio and they have done a great job at manufacturing a karaoke machine designed specifically for kids to enjoy.

This karaoke system is well-designed, user friendly and can easily be operated by individuals of different age groups.

The Hello Kitty karaoke machine (also known as the Hello Kitty 68109 CD Karaoke System) has been fitted with a monitor screen where one can see the lyrics as they sing. It also comes with a video camera which you can use to record all your performances.

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The improved sound effects of this product through echo and fine tuning control will help to bring out the best in your vocals.

The uniqueness and high functionality of any product can be seen through its features. It is such features that have contributed to the good performance of this karaoke system.


Features of the Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine

– 5 inch black and white monitor.

CDG compatible and whose main function is to see the words to your song on the TV screen.

– Improved vocal effect has been achieved through echo and fine tuning controls for a richer sound and automatic voice control.

– A programmable memory of up to 20 tracks.

– Sound and video output and input.

– Double microphone jacks and comes with a single microphone.

– An in-built speaker system.

– Excellent battery power for prolonged use.

Additional information:Apart from entertainment, this karaoke machine when used by children is a good platform for young kids to visualize in a productive and healthy manner. It can also function as an effective learning device when it comes to singing and comprehension skills.

As earlier stated, the Hello kitty 68109 CD karaoke system is a good choice for family fun time while at the same time is a confidence booster for young individuals.

The size of a karaoke system is an important consideration when looking for a suitable device. The hello kitty karaoke machine has a compact design. Sizeable units often produce superior sound, have large song libraries with varied features. However, the larger systems are usually quite bulky and also take up too much space. It is better to start with a manageable device then move on to more complicated models.

Unlike other karaoke models, the Hello Kitty Karaoke has the ability to play both regular and karaoke CDs. This increases your choice when it comes to the songs being played.

When working with a unit like this, it is important to be aware of the fact that in as much as it may have superior qualities, it also has a few downfalls. This is evident in the Pros and Cons mentioned below.



– Easy to operate thereby making it highly user-friendly.

– Has a wide screen monitor for a good display of the lyrics.

– It is quite easy to assemble.

– Allows for the addition of more songs.

– It comes with a single corded microphone, AC adapter, AV cables, and a user guide.

– It can be connected to a TV for better viewing.



– No volume knob. This prevents you from tuning the volume up or down.

– System is not compatible with various wireless microphone models.

– The Hello Kitty machine doesn’t have a docking station for ipod or iphone.


Our Verdict

As stated, home entertainment has now become a reality due to the availability of various karaoke machines such as the Hello Kitty 68109 CD. This will help create fun moments for your family and friends. It has excellent graphic and lyric display capabilities. As you forget some lyrics, you will get to appreciate these features.

This unit has all the necessary accessories required for creating a fan packed evening party. Some of the unique features present include an auto voice control as well as an improved audion feature that helps to fine tune the sound produced or give your voice an echo.

With the Hello Kitty karaoke machine, you will get that perfect opportunity to load up your most loved tunes into this system with the ability to load up to 20 tracks for continuous play, shuffle or recap. This can be repeated as many times as you desire. Take your time to learn and make use of all the features present in this karaoke system in order to get the best out of it.

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