The GPX J100S Karaoke Machine Review



Karaoke is slowly becoming a favorite past time for a large number of people. Different quality karaoke devices such as the GPX J100S Karaoke machine, has made it possible for karaoke enthusiasts to enjoy their experience with their loved ones while hosting different parties.

As a product manufactured by Digital Products International, the GPX J100S karaoke has numerous features. This is largely contributed to its excellent overall performance and ease of use.

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Features of the GPX J100S Karaoke Machine

1. CD player: CD+G, CD-R/RW, CD

– Is capable of playing discs in different formats.

– Also offers CDG playback.


2. Microphone volume controls

– Allows you to adjust the audio volume of the microphone to suitable levels while performing.


3. Echo control

– This feature makes it possible for you to introduce interesting effects to your performance in order to enhance your vocals.


4. AVC control

– Helps in adjusting the volume of the machine in order to compensate for the different volume levels within the microphone.

– Simply adjust the dial to select the most suitable AVC compensation level when it comes to volume variation.


5. RED LED display

– Allows for stress-free navigation.


6. Two microphone jacks, 6.3mm

– With this feature you can make use of two 2 microphones for group performances.

– A headphone input point is also included for personal listening.


7. Composite video output

– This allows you to connect to a TV via an RCA cable from a video output to an input on the television.


8. RCA audio output

– This is connected to an RCA audio input found on a stereo system for sound enhancement.


9. Built-in speakers

– The speakers fitted within the device help to produce quality sound as well as good projection of sound.


10. AC power: requires AC power cable

– The power cable is inserted into the AC input and onto a regular power outlet in order to power the device.

– This power cable is included in the package.


11. DC battery power: requires 8,C

– This is a secondary power option and comes in quite handy especially when on the move.

– The 8, C sized batteries are not included in the package and should therefore be purchased separately.


As you familiarize yourself with the above mentioned features, it is also important to note that this machine is packaged with a single microphone but has two microphone jacks as already stated. You will therefore be required to purchase an additional microphone in order to make your performance more interactive as you form a duet.

When looking to purchase a karaoke machine, you will come across different models. In order to make the right selection, one has to do a thorough comparison between various karaoke machines. A good example would be comparing GPX J100S to Singing Machine SML-385W. The latter has unique disco light effects which help to enhance the party mood when performing. This is not present in GPX J100S.

Another comparison between these two models includes the fact that GPX J100S features a programmable memory which allows a user to come up with a personal playlist with the ability to store up to 20 tracks with one and play all selections. This feature is not present in the SML-385W. It is from these comparisons that you get to gauge the functionality of any karaoke machine.

Pros and Cons:

Looking at the strength and weaknesses of a karaoke machine will give you a clear picture on its capability. This will also help you make the right choice when looking to get a new machine. Seen below are the Pros and Cons of the GPX J100S.


– Colorful disco lights help to heighten party mood for karaoke enthusiasts.

– Has two power options making it highly convenient for its users.

– Highly user friendly.

– Made using good quality material therefore quite durable.

– Reasonably priced.

– Compact design and light in weight. This makes it highly portable.


– Poor sound quality.

– Not suitable for professional or diehard karaoke fans due to its basic features.


Our Verdict

When looking at GPX J100S karaoke machine which includes features such as battery and corded power options, in-built speakers, AV control and LED display you will realize that this machine is capable of providing you an enjoyable karaoke experience.

The price of this child friendly karaoke machine is also very attractive, making it a perfect gift for a friend or loved one. The reviews customer reviews have also been very positive with most customer giving it a rating of more than 3 out  of 5.

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