The Entertech ET19K Magic Sing Mic Karaoke Machine Review


Entertech ET19K Magic Sing

One of the major manufacturers of karaoke machines, EnterTech has presented a brand new and more convenient to use machine to the market. The ET19KV Magic Sing promises to deliver all the fun and enjoyment that you’ve always remembered. This little compact machine comes with everything the larger ones have but is also very lightweight and portable.

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The ET19KV comes fully equipped with 6 song chip expansion slots so that you can add new songs whenever you want. It carries up to a total of 2300 songs, 7 games (singing contest, song quiz, IQ200, Bingo1, Bingo 2, Dart, and Ten Ten). It also comes with an ET Manager and ET-Encoder Software for converting video files.


Additional features include

– Main docking station to hold the two mikesEntertech ET19K Magic Sing 2
– A convenient leather carrying case for easy transport
– 2 wireless microphones (with batteries)
– USB cable and driver
– Remote control
– AC adapter
– Audio video cable
– Video cable



One of the main benefits of using a Karaoke machine has nothing to do with the singing but the camaraderie of doing something together with others. It is fun to get together with friends and the music helps us bring back those old feelings and memories. However, having a Karaoke machine that is constantly on the blink and in need of repair defeats that purpose.

According to reviews The Entertech ET19K Karaoke machine seems to have overcome that problem. This machine is easily transported from one place to another so it can be ready at a moment’s notice for get-togethers, family gatherings and even company parties.


Set Up

It is easy to set up with an audio video cable similar to what you use for a DVD player. Simply match the cable color with the right plug in and you’re ready to go.

Other players tend to be more cumbersome. They are larger machines and require an additional purchase of numerous CDs each carrying a limited numer of songs. The ET19K’s small size and internal song selection make it very convenient to transport and use from one location to another.


Song selection

The more than 2,000 songs all come loaded on a song chip. Most Karaoke machines require you to purchase an endless parade of CDs and using them is quite cumbersome. Not only do you have to transport them to each location where you are using the machine but you have to keep changing them with each new song played. The whole process can make doing karaoke quite old.

The ET19K comes with a single chip holding more than 2,000 songs and slots for additional songs to be added. There is no need for additional CDs or other parts to get the music started. It is an all-inclusive compact machine.



  • The main benefit of this machine is that it is very user-friendly. It is lightweight and easy to transport. No large and cumbersome parts to carry around.
  • Set up is a breeze. It takes only a few minutes to be up and running and with the wide selection of songs already loaded on the chip you will certainly find music to get your party started.
  • The second mic is another plus for those who love to sing together. Other machines may only come with one mic making joining in on the fun limited to either sharing a mic or sitting and waiting for your turn.



  • According to some customer reviews the quality of the songs that come standard with the machine is, “cheap.” ¬†This however can technically be adjusted by adding the songs you like which will no doubt resolve this issue.


Final Verdict

Overall, in comparing all the other karaoke machines on the market today the Entertech ET19K Magic Sing Karaoke Machine has received a relatively high rating. Aside from its price and the lesser quality of music that some consumers cited as a drawback it rates very high and if it is within your budget the purchase would well be worth it.

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