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Out of the different karaoke brands available, the Emerson karaoke machine is amongst the most popular. Even though this company began its operations in 1890, its recent licensing deal with JS karaoke has made it possible for this karaoke software and hardware distributor to use the Emerson brand name.

It is under these terms that a new line of karaoke machines, with the inclusion of a microphone which has the ability to transform any Television or DVD player into a karaoke device was produced. As a company licensed to produce karaoke machines under the Emerson brand known for its high quality and unique products, JS karaoke had to incorporate the same level of quality in the Emerson karaoke models.

Comparison to other brands

As a brand, Emerson has made use of the most advanced technology in its production process hence the reason why different models produced under this brand have unique features and high performance capabilities. When compared to most other brands, Emerson karaoke models are known to have much larger LCD monitors which significantly improves viewing with minimal stress or strain to the eyes.

Another clear comparison between other karaoke brands and Emerson included the fact that the latter has included in-built amplifiers to most of its models which help to significantly improve the quality of sound produced. This feature is not present in most other brands.

When it comes to design and quality of material used, Emerson karaoke models are uniquely designed and made using high quality material. This is different when it comes to a good number of other brands that only make use of plastic as their material of choice. As you look through different customer reviews linked to the Emerson brand, a good percentage of them are positive hence its good reputation.

Emerson Karaoke Machine models

There are numerous models under the Emerson brand and they include:

1. Emerson G398Emerson GP398 Karaoke Machine

– Dual digit LED CD+G red track indicator

– Automatic voice controller

– Ipod cradle included

– Reasonably well priced


2. Emerson GM527emerson-gm527-dvd-cdg-karaoke-player

– In-built LCD 7 inch monitor used to present the words of a song as you perform.

– Built-in player cradle whose main function is to securely hold your iPod or MP3 player.

– Video and audio outputs which enable you to connect your device to a TV or sound system.


3. Emerson GF827The Emerson GF827 DVD Karaoke Player

– Sizeable colored screen which provides a good view even from a distance.

– Comes with a disc containing about three hundred MP3G songs.

– Compatible with auxiliary input from a good number of gaming consoles and personal player.


4. Emerson SD512 portableEmerson-SD512

– Fitted with a screen measuring 3 inches. It is on this screen that the lyrics of a song are displayed.

– Date and time are also displayed and can effectively work as an alarm.

– Has multiple power options. You can either charge it up or make use of batteries. The 3 ”C” are not included in the package and must be purchased.


5. Emerson DV102Emerson DV102

– Packed with a disc containing 100 MP3G karaoke melodies.

– It features on screen song searching making it much easier for you to get your favorite song fast.

– Has a remote control which allows you to conveniently make the necessary adjustments regardless of your position.


6. Emerson GQ756Emerson-GQ756

– Colored TFT screen measuring 4 inches.

– Peak power 25W speaker.

– Features a voice recorder as well as music mix.



7. Emerson GQ100Emerson gq100

– 2 microphone jacks with a single microphone included in the package.

– Comes with a remote control for convenience purposes.

– Has a compact design and therefore highly portable.


8. Emerson SD513Emerson SD513

– 3.5 lyric monitor.

– Includes a disc containing 100 pre-recorded karaoke songs.

– AC adaptor with a range of 100-200V.



Pros and Cons of the Emerson Karaoke Machine


– As a company Emerson makes use of highly advanced technology thereby producing high quality products.

– They have been in existence for a good number of years. This has increased their expertise and production skills.

– The brand has numerous karaoke models with a wide price range. This caters to the needs of different consumers.


– Licensing another company to use the Emerson brand can easily lower the quality standard of newly produced models.

– The black and white screens fitted in some Emerson models are of poor quality and may strain the eyes.


Conclusion: How good is the Emerson Karaoke Machine?

The Emerson karaoke machine brand has managed to come up with different quality models making it easy for karaoke fans to make the most appropriate choice.

When it comes to pricing, the karaoke models under this brand range from $20 to $300. Keeping in mind the quality of the brand, karaoke fans can now achieve the desired results when it comes to vocal enhancement.

If you would like to find out more of the individual models of the Emerson Karaoke Machine, please check out our interactive comparison chart at our homepage. This should hopefully aid in helping you sort out which karaoke machine is best suited for your needs.



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