The Emerson GQ100 Karaoke Review


Emerson gq100

Due to the availability of the Emerson gq100, you no longer have to go out in order to enjoy a good karaoke night. You can do this at the comfort of your home with your friends and loved ones as you showcase your talent. Emerson Radio Corporation, the manufactures of this device have managed to go a step further and produce a karaoke machine capable of performing a number of functions.

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There are a number of factors which have contributed to this particular model standing out amongst various others. To begin with, it is capable of reading different disc formats from CD to MP3 as well as a CD+G. It comes with a single microphone but with dual microphone inputs. This means that you can purchase an additional microphone and make your parties more entertaining as you form duets.

Looking at the features of any karaoke model is very important as it will help you get a good idea of its functionality and whether or not it meets your standards in terms of performance and any other expectations.

Key Features of the Emerson gq100

1. Voice record

– This feature makes it possible for you to record your voice while singing.

– You will be able to playback and perfect your performance as you correct the necessary mistakes.

2. Multiple karaoke player

– This system allows you to play different karaoke players from CD+G, MP3 and CD.

– This increases the variety of songs that you can sing along to.

3. Anti-shock

– This helps to protect the device in the form of a DVD player against any power surges.

– The karaoke machine will therefore be able to last longer.

4. USB port

– This is positioned at the rear panel.

– Used to connect different external devices by using cables.

– Can also be used to connect the device to a power source for charging.

5. Player cradle

– This comes in quite handy since its main function is to accommodate personal players such as an MP3 or iPod.

– It holds them in an upright position for better screen viewing.

– It also allows for exterior player cables such as recharging cables and headphones to remain fixed.

6. Key controller

– As the name suggests, this allows you to change or control the key of a song.

7. Microphone

– It comes with a single microphone which you can connect to your device and record yourself as you sing.

– It has two microphone inputs and you can therefore purchase an additional microphone and enjoy some duets as you have your performances recorded.


It also comes with an in-built CD player and a CD-G media which has a microphone input, key controller used to regulate the key of the singer with an additional echo control feature used to improve the voice of the singer. So from the features presented, it clearly has all the bells and whistles, and possibly more than you need from a karaoke machine.

A comparison could be made between this model and the Magic Sing Karaoke however the Emerson gq100 comes with a player cradle used to hold different personal players whereas the Magic Sing Karaoke doesn’t.

Naturally it’s important to take into account the Pros and Cons before deciding whether you think this would be right Karaoke Machine for you.



– Highly durable.

– Can be set up quite easily and loads discs fast.

– Fairly priced for its features and functionality.

– No background noise is produced when in use.


– Even at its highest, the microphone level is quite low.

– Key controller is quite bad since it either slows down or speeds up the music to match with the keys.

– The voice recorder is not of good quality since the music and voice recording are done separately thereby producing full music with low pitched vocals.


Our Verdict

All in all the Emerson gq100 is a decent karaoke machine. It has a large number of features that certainly can come in handy, and is also well priced compared to other more premium models. Most customers that have purchased this particular model have been relatively pleased.

We certainly couldn’t fault it in any major way, and the vast array of features certainly helps it stand out amongst others in its range, however there are certainly other karaoke machines out there that are just as good if not better. However what’s going for it is certainly the price. Would certainly make for a good gift to give to someone.

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