The Emerson GP398 Karaoke Review


Emerson GP398 Karaoke Machine

The Emerson GP398 is a highly portable CD+G system. It has a compact design making it extremely light in weight. You will therefore be able to carry it easily as you go from one party to another. It comes with a single corded microphone and with a personal cradle used to securely hold your iPod for better viewing. The Emerson GP398 also comes with a karaoke disc loaded with 30 songs which acts as a sampler disc.

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Features of the Emerson GP398 Karaoke

The features present in any karaoke machine will determine how effective a device is when it comes to its function. Therefore it is important for you to look through the features of various karaoke devices before you make a final choice. Seen below are the features of emerson gp398 karaoke machine.

1. CD-G system

– Comes with a portable CD-G system.

– This allows you to play CDs that show the lyrics to the song you would like to sing along to.

2. Design

– It features a front loading player for easy access.

3. Track indicator

– It comes with a dual digit LED CD+G red track indicator which helps to mark the point at which you are, in a particular song.

4. Automatic voice controller

– This feature is mainly used when a singer is practicing and learning the words of a particular song.

– This features only works with multiplex recordings.

5. Balance control

– This feature helps to amplify the music.

– It works together with key control and digital echo. The latter is produced when minor controlled feedbacks are introduced into the singer’s voice for purposes of adding resonance and depth.

– As the name suggests, key control is used to control the key of a song without affecting the rhythm.

6. Microphone volume control

– Allows you to adjust or control your vocal sound level.

– Comes with a single corded microphone.

7. iPod cradle

– This works effectively as it firmly holds your iPod into place.

– It is vertically positioned for easy viewing.

Other than the mentioned features of the emerson gp398, this karaoke machine also comes with a karaoke disc with 30 pre-recorded songs. For individuals who have never owned a catalogue playlist, this disc will come in quite handy.

Aside from the emerson gp398 karaoke, the market is flooded with various other karaoke models. These models differ one from the other. When compared to Karaoke USA GQ367 which comes fitted with a top loading CDG player, Emerson GP398 has a front loading player.

Another comparison between these two machines is clear to see in some of the features present in emerson gp398 karaoke and which are not in Karaoke USA GQ367 and vice-versa. A good example is the fact that Emerson gp398 features digital echo control which enhances depth and resonance while on the other hand, Karaoke USA GQ367 features analog echo control which is limited in its function.



– It has a compact design making it highly portable and requires minimum storage space.

– Highly functional and easy to use.

– Reasonably priced for its quality.

– Has an echo feature which can be adjusted to introduce interesting effects.

– Has 2 mic input points for additional entertainment.

– Suitable for adults and kids alike due to its functionality and ease of use.



– The discs have to be manually loaded onto the spindle which can easily damage the device.

– The 30 pre-loaded songs that come with the karaoke disc are all old songs and not so entertaining.


Our Verdict

As a karaoke machine, the Emerson GP398 is suitable for kids and adults alike. Its compact design makes it highly portable and also comes with unique features which contribute to its high performance capability.

With this machine, karaoke fans will get to enjoy some entertaining moments together with their loved ones. This device is packaged together with a single wired microphone. However, you can still purchase an additional microphone and plug it into the extra microphone input for group performances.

The price of the GP398 isn’t too expensive either, and most customer reviews also give it relatively good ratings.

Emerson are a reputable brand and they do make some great quality products. However it is a good idea to compare with other models before deciding which one to buy. Either way we recommend you purchase online, as this is where we found the greatest discounts on price.

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