The Electrohome Eakar300 Review


 Electrohome Eakar300 Karaoke Machine

More and more people are looking for different ways through which they can get entertained from the comfort of their homes. For karaoke fans, one way is with the Electrohome Eakar300, a karaoke machine manufactured by Electrohome.

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This karaoke machine allows a user to link their microphone to a TV, DVD or MP3 player. It also has two microphone input points which help to make the entire experience more interactive. The Eakar300 has also been fitted with an automatic voice control system which acts as a vocal guide by pepping a track with recorded vocals which help you remember the lines of a song.

Features of the Electrohome Eakar300

The Electrohome eakar 300 is a karaoke machine with exceptional features. This has helped in making this product quite functional, easy to use and a favorite among numerous karaoke fans. Some of its most common features include;

1. In-built speakers

– These speakers produce a rich and good sound projection.

2. Automatic Voice Control

– This feature helps the machine sense whenever your singing tapers off and immediately lets the already recorded vocals to fill the blanks.

– This will also assist you to remember your lines.

– This singing coach helps to make you sound more professional.

3. Digital echo control

– This feature sends a vibration into the microphone and makes your singing sound richer, professional and more confident.

– By adjusting your systems echo control settings, you can finally achieve the vocal quality that you have always wished for.

4. Multiplex CD+G disc

– This comes pre-loaded with songs from different artists and makes it easier for first time machine owners who may not have a song catalogue.

– Multiplex discs have two versions of every karaoke song. First version comes with pre-recorded vocals to assist you in learning all the words and the other version has no vocals and lets you sing on your own.

5. Dual microphone inputs

– An additional microphone input is amongst the favorite features of a good karaoke machine.

– Singing duets helps to enhance the entertainment.

6. Video and audio outputs

– Used to connect to a TV and home entertainment system.

– Karaoke system fitted with an MP3 player that can play any MP3s and CDs.

– The speaker system has been fitted with a blue striking light used to enhance the party mood.

The design of the Electrohome eakar 300 karaoke machine does not include a monitor used to display lyrics. However, this shortfall has been addressed due to the presence of video and audio output used to connect your TV and use the screen as the monitor.

The Eakar 300 has two microphone inputs. This comes quite in handy since the karaoke people tend to look for are one’s that also have the ability to use an extra microphone for a duet. Other karaokes such as the Portable Karaoke MP3 Lyric Player only has a single microphone input.

Another comparison between these two karaoke machines, is the fact that the MP3 Lyric Player doesn’t come with  digital automatic voice control, this feature is present on the other hand in the Electrohome Eakar300 and helps to enhance voice quality.

Getting informed on the Pros and Cons of the Electrohome Eakar 300 by Electrohome is an integral part of gauging the performance level of the product and how suitable it is when it comes to your requirements.


– The Automatic Voice Controller which acts as a singing coach will help boost your confidence and assist you in learning the words.

– Excellent echo control.

– It is capable of playing any CDR, CDRW as well as CDG.

– In-built blue party light.

– Dual microphone jacks.

– Can be connected to a TV through the video output.

– Quite easy to use.

– Reasonably priced.


– It only comes with one microphone although it has two inputs.

– It does not support playback.

Our Verdict

Being a highly functional and unique karaoke machine, the Electrohome Eakar 300 is capable of meeting the needs of most karaoke enthusiasts. With its digital voice control, dual microphone inputs and the fact that it is highly user friendly, you will be able to sing along to all of your favorite tunes without too many difficulties.

If in doubt it’s always good to get a gage by seeing what others have to say. And this particular model has received some very good reviews and is one of the highest rated karaoke machines.

This particular model isn’t too expensive either. Which can only be a good thing. We found that it could be purchased online at a discount with free shipping which is a great deal. So if you are considering on purchasing a karaoke player we recommend you consider the Electrohome Eakar300 as this particular model ticks many of the requested features that karaoke fans are after.

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