The Best Home Karaoke System – Which One Should You Buy?

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A home karaoke system is very much suitable for families and friends looking to spend some good quality time together kicking back and singing to the tunes of their favourite singers.  A very fun activity to do when hosting parties. Rest assured that if a karaoke machine is in the room and is switched on, people will be racing for that microphone.

But which home karaoke machine should you choose?Question Mark

Out of all of the different karaoke models that are available on the market today, the best home karaoke system is considered to be one that can also be connected directly to a TV to allow all the karaoke enthusiasts participating to get a clear view of the lyrics.



It is therefore important to take your time whilst looking through the various types of karaoke machines and identifying all the features you would like before making a purchase.

You can find out more on how to choose the best karaoke machine by visiting our home page hereOtherwise below you will find our pick of the top 5 karaoke machines that we recommend highly.


Benefits of a karaoke system for the home

Karaoke machines used in the home offer numerous benefits to the user. Instead of having to go out to a bar each time you and your friends want to enjoy some good karaoke times, you can easily get a similar experience from the comfort of your home by using a home karaoke machine. The savings by doing this in your home even once, will pay for the machine itself, as you are not being charged for food and drinks like you would be at a public bar.

With a home karaoke machine, you can nurture your talent. If you are a relatively shy person, however think you are capable of hitting out a tune alla Whitney Houston, well why not build the confidence in the privacy of your own home before hitting the public domain? As they say, practice makes perfect, and usually the same rule applies with confidence. The more you practice, the more confident you will be.


Does Size Matter? And is it best to choose a portable karaoke machine?

Karaoke USA GQ367Portable karaoke machines are usually referred to as plug and play machines. Their features enable them to operate on their own without necessarily having to use any additional devices. This may cause them to be rather heavy and in some cases bulky.

You must therefore carefully select a portable machine which also has the features that you require.

The size of a karaoke player will also determine whether a device is portable or not. Therefore, the smaller or more compact it is the more portable it becomes.

Basic Components

In as much as karaoke machines may differ in their performance capability and present features, they all have general components required to make up a functional karaoke machine. Seen below are the components.

i. Disc player

– This should be multi-formatted with the ability to play different formats of discs.

– Included are input slots with different controls.

ii. Mixer-Amplifier

– This consists of a key changer and vocal effect features to add echo.

– It also includes 2 microphone input points.

iii. Stereo speakers

– These help in projection of sound and are usually in-built.

iv. Microphones

– Some are wireless which means they operate through a wireless signal while others are corded.

– Used to project the vocals of a singer while performing.

v. Screen

– It is on this screen or monitor that the lyrics to a song are displayed which makes it possible for a user to sing along to their most loved songs.


Features of a home karaoke system

1. CDG player

– This is a karaoke disc player with a standard format which allows you to view scrolling lyrics whenever a song is playing.

– This can either be front or top loading.


2. Screen

– This can either be colored or black and white.

– The size will differ from one device to another. Sizeable screens provide good viewing.

– The lyrics to a song are usually displayed across the screen while performing.


3. Track programming

– This feature allows a user to come up with a personal playlist containing their most favorite songs.

– The maximum number of tracks allowed will differ from one home system to another.


4. In-built speaker

– This is an important feature of a karaoke machine as it helps to project good quality sound when performing.


5. Microphone jacks

– Most models have two inputs. It is through these inputs that a microphone is connected.


The Best Home Karaoke Machines

Below is a list of some of the best karaoke machines on the market. These machines have been rated the best not only by us but also by other customers that have purchased these machines.


1. MicroKY DuostarMicroKY Duostar Portable Wireless Karaoke

It features a multimedia player loaded with 5000 karaoke songs. It has six additional expansion slots which allow you to add more songs. Its packaging includes two wireless microphones for an interactive entertainment.

It has a compact design which makes it light in weight and highly portable. See full review here



2. The Emerson GF827The Emerson GF827 DVD Karaoke Player

Its compact design is compared to no other. It has various features which include a beautiful colored screen. The size makes it easy for a user to comfortably read the lyrics. A disc loaded with 300 MP3G songs is included. It is CDG compatible amongst other formats.

Has an in-built cradle which provides a good place for holding your MP3 player when charging or holding it upright to allow you easily view the screen. It has both audio and video outputs which can be linked to a home system or TV. Click here for more details regarding this particular karaoke machine.


3. The Memorex Singstand 2memorex-mks-ss2-singstand-2-karaoke-system

This is a uniquely designed karaoke player as it is fitted with a changeable microphone stand. Apart from a safety band, it also features a built in cradle whose main function is to hold various devices such as iPod, MP3 player and tablet. The base of the stand has an in-built speaker used for the production and projection of sound.

It has microphone and instrumental input points. The latter makes it possible for you to include a guitar in order to enhance your performance. In order to enrich your vocals and enhance your performance, echo and auto voice controller are used. Find out more.



4. Electrohome EAKAR300Electrohome Eakar300 Karaoke

Great for teenagers and children who want to learn and perfect their talent. It is quite affordable and offers a good performance with excellent quality.

This has made it a remarkable home karaoke player. For value for money, this is a fantastic machine.




5. Magic Sing ET15K Portable KaraokeMagic Sing ET15K Portable Digital Karaoke


This karaoke system includes an in-built multimedia disc player loaded with 1945 English tracks. It has four available expansion slots through which additional songs can be loaded.

This has also been a very popular model. Further details can be found here.


Where to Now?

If you would like to compare all of the above karaoke machines you should check out our interactive karaoke comparison table in order to find out more, or you can visit our homepage. Alternatively go to this page if you would like to find information on karaoke machines for kids.


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