The Arirang Karaoke Machine Review



The exciting and fun times shared between your friends and family can now become more entertaining as you sing to your favorite tunes. This can be done by using the Arirang karaoke machine, a product manufactured by Arirang Products.

Making use of advanced technology during the production process of the Arirang device has resulted to its high functionality and unique features. It comes with a USB port which is capable of playing MP3 and 4, and WMA direct from a USB. When it comes to the language used on the interface, one can choose between South Korean, English, Vietnamese or Chinese, depending on your preference. This will also provide you with the perfect opportunity to satisfy different types of crowds.

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There are various ways through which you can find out more about the capabilities of any karaoke machine. The best way to go about it is by looking through its features.

Features of The Arirang Karaome Machine

1. Input

– Comes with two microphones. This allows for a duet and makes the overall experience more interactive for the participants.

– Two microphone control buttons. This allows you to adjust the volume according to your preference.

– Dual key control. This helps to adjust the pitch, tempo as well as the key variation functions.

– USB functions.


2. Search functions

– This allows you to conveniently carry out song searches.


3. Song reservation

– Capable of storing up to 128 songs with additional view reserved function which allows you to see all the reserved songs.

– Can store up to 256 of all your favorite songs plus view favorite function.

– One touch display guide function for the reserved, favorite as well as new songs.


4. Volume controls

– This includes chorus, echo, microphone and accompaniment.


5. Remote control

– This will enable you to conveniently operate on your karaoke machine in accordance to its functions.

– Allows you to easily change your rhythm after the first verse by choosing from the available selection functions of the equalizer which include Rock, Jazz, Classic, Pop Standard, Dance and Ballard.

From the presented features, it is clear to see that Arirang Products have produced a sophisticated karaoke player with the capability to perform the necessary functions of a karaoke machine. Another unique feature of this specific machine is the available execution, search and preview functions for any content loaded in the SD card.

When compared to various other karaoke devices such as the Singing machine that comes with standalone speakers for better sound projection, Arirang karaoke has inbuilt speakers. Also unlike the Singing machine that comes with an AM/FM radio which allows you to tune into your favorite radio station and sing along to different songs, the Arirang karaoke does not have that capability.

The Arirang karaoke does however allow you to choose amongst a number of languages to be used on the interface. This is a feature that other machines such as the Singing machine does not have, as most only have English as the default option.

As you get to know more about a device such as the Arirang, you will come across its strength and weaknesses. Seen below are the Pros and Cons of Arirang Karaoke.


– It has numerous functions and can read MP3, CD and VCD.

– It is affordable.

– Offers up to 6 different language options for the interface.


– It sometimes takes several tries of re-inserting the discs before it responds. This can be quite frustrating.


Our Verdict

As you go about looking for the most convenient karaoke device depending on your needs and specifications, it is necessary for you to find out as much information as you can about these devices. From the information presented about this machine, it is clear to see why it has become popular among karaoke fans.

Like the Arirang karaoke machine, different devices have their unique features which help in rating a product. From the presented features, it is clear to see that this product is highly rated and can perform its functions exceptionally. Therefore, take your time and make the right selection which will allow you enjoy some interesting times as you sing your heart out in the midst of your friends and family.

This model is a little bit more expensive than the entry level models, however if your budget allows it, it certainly isn’t a bad option.

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