The Akai Karaoke KS800 Review


Akai KS800 karaoke machine

The company Akai, responsible for the production of the Akai Karaoke KS800 has for a long time been producing expert and studio quality karaoke equipment. It is only recently that they started producing karaoke systems for individual use, which provide exceptional features with immense value.

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7 Features of the Akai Karaoke KS800

Its numerous and unique features has made the Akai KS800 karaoke system a favorite among a good number of karaoke fans. These features have largely contributed to the overall high performance capability of this player. It is also user friendly and can be used by both professional and amateur karaoke enthusiasts.

Some of the features present in the Akai KS800 include;

1. Screen

– Consists of a screen measuring 7 inches.

– It has a colored display for an enhanced view.

– It is a sizeable screen which provides a user with a good view of the projected lyrics while performing.

2. Digital key control

– It enables a user control and change the original key of any music playing on the background.

– It is best done from different discs in order to allow it blend with your voice and its natural range.

– These changes are usually achieved without any changes occurring on the tempo of a song.

– It helps to create a more professional performance by enriching the voice of the user.

3. Auto voice controller

– It enables a user interchange the voice of the original singer with that of your own when singing along to your favorite song.

4. Echo control

– It functions by introducing varying sounds through the use of echo controls.

– It will help you personalize your performances through the introduction of different sound effects.

– The balance controls are quite effective as it helps you maintain a good balance between your performance and the original singer’s voice.

5. Remote control

– The packaging includes a remote control which makes operating this player quite convenient for the user.

– You can make various adjustments depending on what suits your performances from any position and without having to do it directly from your karaoke player.

6. Dual mic jacks

– It allows for the connection of up to two microphones for a dual performance.

– It therefore helps to enhance the entertainment as you perform duets or enjoy a sing off.

7. USB port

– It allows for the connection of additional accessories such as a mobile device or MP3 player.

– It helps to increase the variety of songs available to a user.

Other than the mentioned features which have immensely contributed to the performance capability of this specific player as well as its popularity among karaoke fans, it also consists of a video output which helps to connect the player to a television. The main purpose of this connection is to use the television screen for the display of the lyrics to a song.


How Does The Akai Karaoke KS800 Compare With Other Systems

Different karaoke players vary in their available features. It is from these differences that a user gets to gauge the effectiveness and the suitability of a player in regards to their individual requirements.

This is clear to see when comparing the Akai karaoke KS800 system with the VocoPro UHF5800 pro. The latter has four mic jacks with the packaging including four wireless microphones which automatically helps to make the performances more interactive.  The Akai KS800 on the otherhand has corded microphones.

Another difference between these two karaoke models includes the fact that the Akai KS800 karaoke player has been fitted with a sizable 7 inch screen for lyric display. This feature is not present in the VocoPro UHF and therefore requires the use of a television screen for the display.

You can compare other karaoke machines by visiting the interactive chart on our comparison page. Alternatively other details regarding karaoke machines can be found on our homepage here.

Other than familiarizing yourself with the features of various karaoke players, it is also important to know the pros and cons. With this information a user can select the most suitable player when making a purchase. Seen below are the pros and cons of the Akai KS800 karaoke player.


– Excellent features with good performance capability.

– Large colored screen provides an easy view.

– User friendly and suitable for both beginners and expert karaoke fans.


– Sound quality not so good.

– Rather costly.

– Lacks a microphone holder for storing the mics when not in use.


Our Verdict

Karaoke fans have the opportunity to select from a variety of karaoke models available in the market with a good example being the Akai KS800 system. With the right kind of features such as the USB port, digital key control, dual mic jacks and echo control, all of which are available with this model, help make this a great karaoke machine.

Customers have had mixed views on this model, but on average the feedback has been positive. The price of the KS800 is also very reasonable, and certainly less expensive than some of the other professional models on the market. Certainly worth considering if you are after something a little more sophisticated than your basic home karaoke player.

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